• Develop, design , production and delivery of products 
  • Customer service and technical support in sealing design and application
  • Reliable business process, fast communication and sustainable coorporation

By gaining experience of more than 30 years with mechanical face seal applications, we strongly believe that we create added value to products for international customers, who make sophisticated demands in rotational sealing solutions. It is a fact that standard products have failed to meet requirements involving their insufficient performance. We work closely with our clients in selected industrial application to develop, manufacture and supply  a range of high quality mechanical face seals, which comply with most designs and models. We provide our clients with storage of products for chosen applications, but also outstanding customer service and technical support, including the added value of our design and prototyping expertise.

Because we understand the importance of maintaining the client's production and machinery running, we help to minimize poetential downtimes with functional sealing solutions and high quality products. Based on the experience in high tech engineering communities in Germany, we have build up a supply network for product expertise to manufacture our own mechanical face seals. The most outstanding process is quality assurance with an exceptional knowledge in product specifications. Besides the guarantee of an excellent product we are targeteing for a reliable business process and fast customer communication. For most  business cases involving engineering. design support, pricing and supply offers we react within 48 hours.

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