Functionality in Adverse and Dirty Environments

As a result of permanent operations in adverse and dirty environments the sealed  units and vihicles are exposed to extrem and constraint strain. In all "Outdoor" implementations, such as coal-mining, open cast mining, construction industry, agricultural- and forestry applications, chemistry, waste disposal and removal industries, water treatment, wind craft energy, offshore drilling etc. the following abrasive and corrosive media have to be taken into account, which standardized oil seals or rotary shaft seals cannot cope with:

  • Sand, loam, mud, earth, lime-sandstone, granite, basalt
    Concrete, lime, potash, rubble, grit slag, glass asphalt, bitumen
  • Chemicals, liquids, salts, lye, acids
  • Sewage water, rainwater,, harbor water, waste water, sea water
    Secondary raw materials, liquid manure, metal scrap, metal recycling & dispoasl materials

Additionally, in combination to extreme weather conditions such as -55°C/-131°F to +200°C/+392°F and corrosive surroundings, e.g.maritime climate , the mechanical face seal solutions prove exceedingly reliable and functional in a wide range of applications.