Selection of the Appropriate Material

Cast in Ni-Hard

As a result of very high requirements for the wear restistance of mechanical face seals we make use of a special cast with natural hardess of 58 to 64 HRC, which consists of a material called NiHard. The extremely high wear restistance is reached  by a carbidic-martensite structure of the matarial and aselection of  the alloy elements as well as their concentration. By means of the combination of selected alloy elements and the high carbon content a structural composition is achieved, which proves to be advantageous with respect to wear restistance  compared to other materials as steel. At the same time this material performs with a low corrosion index. 

Sintered Siliciumcarbid ( SSiC)

Due to the extremely high hardness up to 92 HRC the high quality material Siliciumcarbid offers themselves for selected requirements. Wear resistance, thermal conductivity and tribological properties enable high functionalities and long lasting lifetime under extreme conditions suchs as applications in pumps, in agricultural equipment and waste water management. 

Individual Material Recipes

Depending on the media to be sealed off, it is possible to compile individual material recipes for a special high alloy cast in order to substantially increase life span and wear resistance of mechanical face seals.

Individual recipes of high alloy cast for sealing solutions in biogas fermentation or harrowing machinery with chemical exposure to slurry show substantial improvements with respect to life cycles, wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

Materials Selection:

  • Bearing Steel (100CR6)
  • Cast in  Ni-Hard
  • High Chroma Alloy Cast
  • High Nickel Alloy 
  • Sintered Siliciumcarbid (SSiC)