Manufacturer-Designer-OEM Supplier

Mechanical Face Seals - Floating Seals

SAP PARTS™ is a Manufacturer, Designer and Supplier of technologically enriched and specially designed Mechanical Face Seal/ Floating Seals and Special surface treated Products for Construction, Mining, Defense, Transmission, and Agriculture Equipments.

SAP PARTS™ is a rapidly growing Company in the field of Precision Products serving Heavy Engineering Industry, Construction and Agricultural OEMs, based in INDIA with a mission to produce innovative and world class Mechanical Floating Seals, today SAP Parts serves major OEM’s in India as well as throughout the GLOBE.

Equipped with the state of the art Seal Manufacturing Facility, Alloy Casting Foundry, Design and Testing centre, Advance Elastomeric & Polymer Technologies And maintaining the highest Quality Standards, the Seal Produced by SAP Parts are extremely customized to the specific needs of its application. SAP Parts Seals deliver the increased Life of the equipment employed into, at the most drastic environments safeguarding the vital parts for Equipment Performance.